3 easy tips to keep your website current

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If you check out a lot of web developers’ websites, you may notice a trend: they’re outdated! Why does this happen? We dedicate so much time and energy into our clients’ websites that it’s pretty easy to put our own website low on the priority list.

We know this happens to you too, so here are a few easy tips for keeping YOUR website current and up-to-date (which is good for both visitors AND search engines).

3 Easy Tips to Keep Your website Current

1) Create space on your home page

When visitors get to your home page, they want to know that it’s current and up-to-date immediately. An easy way to do this is to add an area on your home page for “new stuff.” This can be announcements (new products, office news, etc.), seasonal specials, upcoming events, recent posts, etc.

We recommend that all businesses build their websites on content managements systems (like this one) which means you can easily log in and update your home page as often as you want (without depending on & waiting for your web firm to do it for you).

Here at Wilson Media Consulting, we have a “Recent Posts” section in the footer our home page that lets you know what we’ve recently posted. What would you like to add to YOUR home page?

2) Schedule time to review your website

Every few weeks (or whatever is convenient for you), schedule some time to sit down and read through every page on your website. You’ll quickly see what content needs to be updated. Your business changes (new staff, pricing, new products, new hours, etc.) and your website should reflect those changes.

3) Don’t overdo it – plan for 15 minutes a week

Committing to updating your website consistently is like committing to an exercise plan. The way I get started is by telling myself, “I’ll just do 5 minutes.” Why? Because it’s easy, and how can I say no to 5 minutes?

Updating your website is the same kind of thing. Just commit to spending 15 minutes a week on it, and you’ll be surprised how easy it is to keep your website current and up-to-date.

What if you talk better than you write?

If you’ve been avoiding updating your website because you think you talk better than you write, you are not alone! Most of our clients share the exact same fear about writing. Even if you’re not afraid of writing, maybe you just don’t have the time (or desire). So what can you do?

Hire a copywriter! And lucky for you, we have a talented copywriter on staff (Tyler) who can help you with ALL your content needs. Typically, he’ll give you a call or meet with you for a half hour to hour, and from that meeting, he’ll have a month or so of content (impressive, I know!). So if you just don’t want to deal with the hassle, give us a call or email us today and we’ll make sure your website gets updated with professional content that fits you and your business.