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Our secret to it all:

We LOVE our jobs


We LOVE our clients


You LOVE us.

What’s that really mean?

If you could know only one thing about us, it’d be that we love our jobs.

Anyone who has been around a truly passionate person will know why this is important. There’s something about people that actually love their work that’s invigorating, exciting and inspiring. We believe that bringing passion and enthusiasm to every project is essential to both our success and your success.

Our love for our work also means that we hold ourselves to the highest standards. We don’t even start working on a project if we’re not confident that we can deliver the best results possible.

What this means for you: when you hire Wilson Media Consulting, you can be confident that you’ve hired the best team possible to help you achieve your online goals.

We want you to succeed!

We love our clients? That’s kind of weird, right? Not really! Basically, “we love you” means that we want you to succeed. We’re not just going to give you a website and send you on your way. We will create a plan for success from the beginning, and we’re going to hold you to that plan until you achieve your desired results and goals.

(So if you “just want a website” – please contact some other web design agency.)

So if you’re ready to commit to a project that’s going to invigorate your business, please contact us today!

We’re picky about who we work with

It may seem strange “in this economy” to come across a business that’s willing to tell a client “No, thanks,” but that’s us. Because we keep our overhead low and pass those savings on to our client, we’re doing well enough financially to be picky about who we work with.

We only want to work with you if we’re a good fit. We consider several factors when deciding whether or not to work with someone (our personalities, your enthusiasm, & your desire for success). Plain and simple, some people just aren’t ready to succeed. And that’s ok. Come back when you’re ready and we’ll be here for you!

Wondering if we’ll be a good fit? Take our survey and find out (coming soon)!

This one is simple.

  1. Together we create a vision of your success.
  2. We identify your goals to achieve that success.
  3. We develop a strategic plan.
  4. We complete the steps on the plan. We measure, analyze, adjust, & repeat until…
  5. You accomplish your goals and succeed.
Your success (usually more customers and more profit) makes you happy. Therefore, you love us.

Web Design and Marketing for local businesses

We offer web design and marketing services for local businesses in North Idaho & Eastern Washington, including: Coeur d’Alene, Hayden, Hayden Lake, Post Falls, Liberty Lake, Spokane Valley, Spokane and the surrounding areas. Our specialty is helping small businesses get big results.

Looking for more business and to improve your bottom line? Schedule a free consultation today to see how we can help your business improve with some strategic online solutions.

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The Owners of Wilson Media Consulting: Angela, Tyler and Marion