Do Capital Letters Matter in Email Addresses?

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A common question we get from many of our clients: Do capital letters matter in email addresses?

Answer: Capital letters DON’T matter in email addresses

Do capital letters matter in addressesemail hidden; JavaScript is required is the same as email hidden; JavaScript is required. So you can send it to either with no problems, but you may notice that one is easier to read than the other.

It’s a good idea for businesses to use camel notation in their email addresses and main website addresses because it’s easier to read. Other than that, it doesn’t really matter. Your email will go through no matter what letters you capitalize or not. So you may want to print your email address with capitals but when you’re speaking it or typing it, you don’t have to include them.

Why would you use capitals with email or website addresses?

Which of the following is easier to read?


The process of capitalizing letters at the beginning of words in email addresses and website addresses is known as Camel Notation and it’s VERY good to use for marketing materials. It provides a visual cue to the beginning of each word, which makes the email address or website address easier to read.

So you should use capitals when printing your email address or sending it to people (since they’ll be reading it), but don’t worry about it when your speaking or typing it (it doesn’t technically matter; it only matters for aesthetic purposes).


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