Good customer service: detailed invoices

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How detailed are your invoices?

If you send out invoices for your services, you may be wondering if you’re including too much information or not enough. We recommend small businesses add as much detail to an invoice as possible.

Detailed Invoices – CONS

  • Customers may get distracted or overwhelmed.
  • You will spend more time creating detailed invoices.
  • Requires you to track and document your time accurately.

Detailed Invoices – PROS

  • Customer feels positive about their experience with your business, knowing they were accurately charged for your services.
  • Customer gets to “see” all of the services you provided, many of which they wouldn’t be aware of (most of our clients are impressed with all the work we provide, not realizing how many details go into developing a website or initiating an effective marketing strategy).
  • You won’t accidentally double charge because you can look back and see exactly what was completed and invoiced.
  • When it comes time to evaluate the need for increasing prices, needing new employees, or other time/money issues, you can look back through invoices to see where you made/lost money or spent too much/little time.

Invoices don’t matter to my marketing/media strategy, do they?

Invoices are critical to your marketing and media strategy!

Every time you come in contact with your customers, you have an opportunity to build or break your reputation with them. Invoices are a critical part of your marketing and media strategy because spending money is typical a sensitive issue with just about everybody. If you fail on this part of your process, you won’t be getting repeat business.

Keep customers happy by keeping them fully informed of what they’re paying for and why.

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