More from Google: Tools to plan your wedding

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Google has rolled out a new group of tools (using applications they already had) to help all the engaged people out there plan their weddings.

Google offers wedding planning tools

I’m going to be honest – this would have been GREAT when I was planning my wedding almost 5 years ago. I had my planning stuff spread out all over the place: dozens of Word documents for checklists, Excel for the guest list, Shutterfly for the photos, a spiral notebook for our music list…it was an organizational mess!

Brides and Grooms have it easy these days with all of the free online tools, and although they’re not creating anything new here, Google is providing a service using applications many of us are already familiar with. Overall, pretty cool (minus the scary fact that Google is taking over the world!!).

So to all my recently engaged friends out there, go check out Google Weddings!

Wilson Wedding 2006

Our wedding turned out ok without the help of Google. :)