Facebook Business Page: Personal user profile vs. business account

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Use Facebook to ConnectOne of our clients was working on setting up a Facebook business page and asked a common question:

"Facebook rules say that you cannot have both a personal and business page. What does this mean?"

A Facebook Page is just that – a page. It is NOT an account. To create a Page for your business or organization, you must have either a Personal Account ("User Profile") or Business Account.

Facebook only allows one account per person, so you must decide between a personal "User Profile" or a Business Account, and THEN create your business Page.

"Should I choose a personal "User Profile" or a Business Account?"

We typically recommend signing up for a User Profile because a Business Account is limited. Individuals with Business Accounts can only see their Pages and Social Ads they have created, and cannot see other profiles of users, other content, can't be found in search, and can't send or receive friend requests.

In a Facebook nutshellIn a Facebook nutshell:

1) Sign up for a personal user profile

2) Add your business page

3) Add your staff members as administrator (they also need personal user profiles)

Does your business NEED Facebook?

Despite all the hype, not all businesses need a Facebook presence. Give us a call today to see if (and how) your business could benefit from Facebook. We offer a range of services from just getting you started and trained on using it to managing it completely so you can focus on your business.