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It’s not a perfect translation from my handwriting to font, but it’s pretty close and pretty cool. I definitely don’t have the best penmanship, but it’s still really fun to see my handwriting as a font on the computer.

The Official Font of Angela Wilson

If you’d like to get your own personalized font, let me know. It takes a little bit of time (and again, I don’t spend enough time on it to make it exactly perfect), but I’ll do it for like $10.

It’s a great way to personalize computerized communication. I’m going to use this for my thank you notes that I write. It may not be handwritten exactly, but it will be closer than before!

Oh, also, your personalized font is definitely NOT “web-friendly” but there are some pretty cool ways to get your own font to work well on your website. It takes a bit of extra work, but it’s definitely manageable.

What will your official font look like?


  1. 04 October 11, 10:05pm

    This is brilliant! I am completely interested in getting this created for me and it would be a fun gift for my cousin who has AWESOME penmanship!

  2. Angela Wilson
    12 October 11, 11:14pm

    I love fonts, and it’s pretty crazy to see my own handwriting on the screen. I love it!

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