Can Foursquare help your business?

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Foursquare Social Marketing for Business

Foursquare is a location-based service allowing users to check in throughout the day claiming their location, collecting “badges” and offer tips to others. It’s taken up a relatively small amount of social media real estate, and it’s user base is still small in comparison to the social media giants Facebook and Twitter. However, it’s gotten some press recently after reporting its user statistics for 2010: up to 6 million.

6 million isn’t a lot, but for Foursquare, it’s a 3400% increase!

Foursquare offers some fun and unique ways to help businesses. All you have to do is claim your venue and start creating specials. Check out Foursquare to learn more, and as always, if you need help with your social marketing campaign, we’re here to help!

Foursquare Social Media in 2010