Strong website copywriting can transform a boring and plain website into an exciting and interesting website that convinces your customers to do business with you!

Why pay someone to write? Can’t I do it myself?

You bet! In fact, we encourage you to do a lot of the writing yourself so that your website represents your personality. For the main parts of your website, we’ll ask you to write or at least outline the main content (YOU are the expert of your field). Our professional writers will then edit or re-write the content for the web, using the following techniques to re-focus the writing for the website:

    • Divide content into chunks
    • Use boxes, quotes, toggles, etc. to separate content
    • Style: Headings, bold, underline, italics, color, size
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Links (to related content, other websites, etc.)
    • Optimizing images for the web
    • Use of multimedia (video, slideshows, audio, etc.)

I don’t want to deal with any of the writing!
(Totally Understandable!)

You’re busy running your business. Plus, you may not be comfortable sitting down and writing. That is totally understandable. If this is you, don’t worry. We’ll just schedule a time to meet and talk about your business. We’ll gather all of the information and take it from there.

If the “hands-off” writing approach is more your style, you can expect:

    • A “content meeting” – either in person or over the phone
    • We gather all of the information from our conversation with you
    • We organize the content into the appropriate pages
    • We add all of the content and multimedia to the website
    • You review everything and give us the ok

Time from you: approximately 1 hour

Improve your website today with professional copywriting

Whether your developing a new website, redesigning an old website or just want to spruce things up a bit, we’d be happy to help with your copywriting.