Are you co-marketing?

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One way to create greater value for your customers and your brand is to co-market. You may have seen other companies who already doing this. For example, get 15% off your pizza by showing your movie ticket stub. Benefits and Advantages of Co-Marketing By teaming up with a business that offers different services to your same clientele, you can: combine marketing efforts (more bang for your buck) see benefits similar to referrals reach new customers who may not have known about you be reaching a targeted group ready to buy your product or services Co-Branding vs. Co-Marketing Both have been around for a while. Co-Branding is when two companies work together to brand an experience or product. For example, I Just saw this commercial on Hulu last night, depicting Pillsbury Dough Boy and Geico. By putting the two brand together to show an experience, you are co-branding (like Oreo... Read More ››

Triple L Talent

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Like many small businesses in Coeur d’Alene, Triple L Talent already had a website, but they were ready for a new look and some improved technology and service. Their old site was ok when it was built, but it definitely aged over the years. When they went to their original designers asking for support and a redesign, they had a pretty disappointing experience. Luckily, Wilson Media Consulting specializes in affordable website redesigns (and we get results by creating good working relationships with our clients). As with many of our clients, we were able to quickly redesign, add to, and improve their website with a quick turnaround time. Speedy response was vital to their business, as they are working with producers on a constant basis to fill talent contracts. Triple L Talent Features: Read More ››

Orthodontic Consulting
Vickie B. Rudd

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Vickie B. Rudd, Orthodontic Management Consulting, was looking for a website redesign. Their old site was great when it was built, but it definitely aged over the years. When they went to their original designers asking for a redesign, the price was just too high. Luckily, Wilson Media Consulting specializes in affordable website redesigns. We were able to design, develop and launch their new website with a very quick turnaround, in time for a large conference that Vicki was attending. When it comes to affordable web design, we work hard to deliver results in a timely and efficient manner. Vickie B. Rudd Website Features: Check out the website redesign by Wilson Media Consulting Read More ››

Personal Phone Calls and Your Marketing Strategy

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Our clients are often surprised when we talk about their phone call history and processes when discussing a media and marketing strategy. In our world of email, smart phones, and social media, a personal phone call is rare. And rare means an opportunity for you to stand out as a small business. Easy Way to Beat the Competition If you aren’t already, make personal phone calls to your customers. This is a quick and simple way to connect with your customers and look better than your competition. It may seem easier to send an email, and I personally love to have the documentation of email, but to compromise, follow your emails with a quick phone call check-in:   It’s easy. It’s quick. I don’t do it all the time. I just want my customers to know that I care enough to talk to them. There’s something about a 30-second... Read More ››

Coeur d’Alene Web Design
Affordable Should Look Expensive

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I’m going to lay it out straight for you guys. Wilson Media Consulting is not in the business of ripping off clients or making a million dollars. We charge a fair rate, and if we end up a little bit ahead by the end of a project, we’re thrilled. We’re more interested in helping you be successful than taking advantage of you. I wish I could say the same for some other local North Idaho Web Designers. My goodness, I’ve been seeing some of the “affordable web designs” they’ve been publishing, and I feel bad for their clients. Just because you can’t afford a $3,000-$5,000 website shouldn’t mean that you only deserve a plain looking website that looks like an old template from 10 years ago. You should still be able to have a website designed for you that looks expensive. What Makes a Website Look Cheap? I would... Read More ››

Innervoice Group

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Innervoice Group, based out of Eagle, Idaho needed a modern website they could easily manage. They requested specific help with design, layout, WordPress customization and more. They were looking for an agency that could provide immediate results to fit their “on-demand” schedules. Innervoice Group turned to Wilson Media Consulting for an affordable and fast solution to their website needs.  Some of the services we provided included: Website design Home page rotating content Content organization Menu architecture Video integration Layout customization Social Media profiles Widget customization Setup additional support website Insert contact forms Email accounts Format testimonials Website training Read More ››

Your 2012 Resolutions: Start Your Blog!

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Last week I wrote a blog about creating New Year’s Resolutions for your business. Although several of the suggestions mentioned improvements on your blog, I just realized that for many local businesses, creating a blog needs to happen first. Question #1: Does your website have a blog? If YES, skip to Question #2. If NO, call your web developer, IT department, or us immediately! Blogging is an easy and effective way to add quality content to your website, which will help drive more traffic and links to your website (which in turn will help your search engine rankings). In 2012, if you don’t have a website, you don’t really exist. And if you don’t have a blog, you don’t really care about your website. Question #2: Are you updating your blog regularly? And by regularly, I don’t mean once a year. All business owners are guilty of getting too... Read More ››

New Year’s Marketing Resolutions

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I’m a planner and a list-maker, so New Year’s Resolutions are an annual tradition for me. As new business owners this year, we are taking this opportunity to create a list of goals for 2012. This is also giving us the chance to sit down and identify our 5-year goals so we can make a long-term plan of where our business is heading. Over the next month, we’ll be sharing some of our new goals with you, but in the meantime, I’d like to encourage you to set some New Year’s Marketing Resolutions for YOUR business. I recommend starting by asking some simple questions: What’s working? What isn’t working? What your vision of your business? (the “perfect world” ideal) Your goals and resolutions need to fit YOUR business. If you want some help creating a comprehensive strategy for improving your business in 2012, please get in touch with us... Read More ››

Marketing Strategy: Personalize with a Photo

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Adding your photo to your website is a great way to reassure your customers who they’re working with. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, your clients or customers will be interested in seeing who they’re doing business with. Having your photo on your website will help attract new customers as well as maintain relationships with current customers. Recommendation: Get a professional photo It’s worth the extra cost to present a photo that represents your professionalism (as well as just looks good). We work with several great local photographers. If you’d like to get your professional photo added to your website, contact us today and we’ll get your photo up within a week to help you start earning more business! I meant to add our photo to our website almost a year ago, and it was just something I kept putting off. Don’t let this happen to you. Just... Read More ››

Good customer service: detailed invoices

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How detailed are your invoices? If you send out invoices for your services, you may be wondering if you’re including too much information or not enough. We recommend small businesses add as much detail to an invoice as possible. Detailed Invoices – CONS Customers may get distracted or overwhelmed. You will spend more time creating detailed invoices. Requires you to track and document your time accurately. Detailed Invoices – PROS Customer feels positive about their experience with your business, knowing they were accurately charged for your services. Customer gets to “see” all of the services you provided, many of which they wouldn’t be aware of (most of our clients are impressed with all the work we provide, not realizing how many details go into developing a website or initiating an effective marketing strategy). You won’t accidentally double charge because you can look back and see exactly what was completed... Read More ››