Random Photo #2: Does your bench have enough seating?

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The benches I’ve seen in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, are designed to fit about 2-4 people. That feels about right (and fairly traditional) for our area based on the amount of people around.

But is it?

Check out our Random Photo #2 – a New York City bench:

Wilson Media shares a New York Bench

Random Photo Challenge: how does this photo relate to media?

Does your bench (AND your website) have enough “seating” for everybody?

Website Tip: Make sure your web hosting (where your website lives) can handle high volume traffic.

Reason: We may live in a smaller town, but your website is available to millions of people. This is especially important to North Idaho businesses who are selling their products online. Your website needs to be able to handle unexpected high volume traffic, especially during the holidays and shopping season.

If your website is too slow because there’s too much traffic, you’re going to lose a LOT of potential customers and business. So, just because we like our benches to be small doesn’t mean that our websites shouldn’t be able to¬†accommodate¬†New York levels of traffic.

Get this photo yourself: http://www.sxc.hu/photo/90167