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Like many small business owners, we’ve been BUSY! Between working on new projects and raising our newborn daughter, it’s definitely a challenge to keep up with our own to-do list. I was intending on checking our page ranking progress weekly back when we launched our website. Although I casually checked on it occasionally, I definitely wasn’t doing what I recommend for all our clients:

Search Engine Optimization Tip - track page ranking

Track your page ranking progress

Tracking your progress for your defined set of search engine phrases and keywords is an important step in evaluating your success (or failure) with search engine optimization. It’s a critical and ongoing step in the process of getting to the top of search engines.

Best way to track SEO

This is assuming you’ve already created your list of key search engine phrases and optimized your site for those phrases. If you haven’t done this yet, go back and do it now. Not sure where to start? Contact your web developer or let us know how we can help. We can help you research your industry and determine the best phrases to focus on, as well as go through and optimize your site. Feel free to check out our search engine optimization services and rates to see if this may be a good option for you. If you’ve already created your list and optimized your site – nice work! Now start tracking:

  1. Create an Excel or Word document and list your search engine phrases
  2. Create columns for the date you’ll be checking
  3. Set reminders in your calendar to check every so often (every 2 weeks, month, or quarter)

If you notice your website climbing the ranks, keep doing what you’re doing! If you notice a decline, or no change at all, start adding more content and following some basic search engine optimization tips.

DOWNLOAD SEO Tracker Form:

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