Small business strategy: keep your email signature free of politics

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Coeur d'Alene Small Businesses - Keep politics to yourself

I recently received an email that included a political quote in the email signature, and it made me think, “This guy is pretty arrogant.” I almost didn’t care what the quote said; the fact that he was shoving his political ideology in my face just irritated me.

There may be times when getting involved in politics as a small business is a good idea, but for the most part, if the politics aren’t part of your business, then keep it that way!

Even adding a quote that you think is smart or harmless to an email signature is risky. It doesn’t take much to turn people off from doing business with you. As a small business, you work hard enough to attract and retain your customers. Don’t give them reasons to avoid doing business with you.


Have you ever encountered a political statement from a business that made you change your mind about them?


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