Don’t add a “Web” option to your search box

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I’ve seen several websites designed by some Coeur d’Alene Web Designers that include a “Web” option with their search box. All I have to say about that is: Really? Really?

Coeur d'Alene Web Design - Search Box Tip

People use GOOGLE to search the web

I don’t know if it’s just a template that these designers can’t actually control, but I think it’s really strange that they give the option to search the web from a website’s search box. If someone wants to search the web, they’ll go use Google or another search engine they prefer.

At least make sure it works

I went to go test several of these search boxes across different websites, and they didn’t even work! As a designer, I know that sometimes things happen, but it’s important to have a strong testing process to make sure that everything is working on a live site, even if it’s a silly search box for searching the web. I wonder if this is a case of a web designer not eating their own dog food.

Marketing Tip: Don’t drive customers away from your website

Adding a search box that searches the web will only make it easy for customers to go AWAY from your website. Why would you want to direct your customers away from you? Not a great idea…

Search Box Conclusion:

  1. Add a Search Box to your website if you have a lot of content
  2. DO NOT add an option to search the web

What do you think? Have you ever search the web from a website’s search box?

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