Be prepared when you call your web designer with an “issue”

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We love our clients, and we know that the Internet, computer and web design are typically not your thang. So when you call us up with a problem and just say, “It’s not working,” we kind of want to strangle you, but we know in our hearts that you don’t know any better. You may already be confused as to what I’m talking about…

Help your web designer with troubleshooting

Send the basic support details

When you call or email your web designer or developer with an issue about your website because something isn’t working right, you almost ALWAYS want to tell them the following information (otherwise, they’ll spend a lot of time, and your money, asking for it):

  • Operating System
  • Web Browser
  • Screen Resolution
  • Browser Size
  • Javascript: enabled?
  • Flash version
  • Cookies: enabled?

This information is vital to recreating your problem and narrowing down where the problem is happening. A lot of times, you may experience issues because you’re using an outdated browser. Sometimes, a web designer/developer may also ask for:

  • IP address
  • Color Depth

Free tool does it for you

If you don’t even know what half of those things are, don’t panic. There’s a great new (and FREE) tool that you can use that will automatically tell you all of this information, and then you can just send it to your web designer/developer. This will save YOU time and money, and it will leave your web designer feeling great too.

So to my clients, if you call or email me with a question, don’t be surprised if I ask you to first go to Support Details and send me all your info.


Have you ever been overcharged by a web developer because they had to spend time asking you for these types of details?

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