Web Video Tip: Use Insight with YouTube

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Your video will show you how people have viewed it, but in reality, that doesn’t tell you much. To tweak & optimize your video marketing campaign, you’ll want to be able to answer some of these questions:YouTube Insight - Analyze your web videos

  • How many visitors are coming from links or “related to” video links?
  • How many visitors are watching the video while it’s embedded on another website?
  • Where are video views coming from? What continents, countries, or even US States?
  • What is the age & gender of your audience?
  • Which parts of your videos are hto andw hich are cold?
  • What are the bounce and rewind rates?
  • At any point in my videos are more or less views dropping off than usual?
  • How many times do vierers rate, favorite or comment on yoru videos?

Like all media marketing, online videos are not something you can just upload, post and forget about it. Unless you don’t care about results. My guess is that if you’ve spent the time, energy, and often money to invest in a video, you want to make sure that it’s getting the right viewers!

Bottom Line: you won’t truly know how successful your videos are without collecting and analyzing the statistics.

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