Website Tip: only center text for headlines

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Some people may be tempted to make an entire page of text centered, but DON’T DO IT! For usability purposes, text should always be aligned left. Centered text is difficult to read for users. So, although you may think it look’s cool, I’m sorry to tell you – it doesn’t.

Centered text makes your website difficult to read, which means website visitors probably won’t read your content.

Why is centered text more difficult to read?

When text is aligned left, the reader’s eye automatically knows to go to the beginning of the next line to continue reading:

Text aligned to the left is easier to read

When text is centered, the eye has to search for the next line, making it very difficult to ready smoothly:

Centered text is difficult to read

Bottom line: Do not center all of the text on your website pages. Stick to only centering headlines.