Website Tip: no page should take more than 4 seconds to load

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Website Speed - Should Load Quickly

When your web designer builds your website, they should be developing it to load quickly. If any page on your website takes more than 4 seconds to load, then you have problems.

1) Search Engine Optimization: search engines are now taking into consideration page load time. So if your website loads slowly, you’re not going to perform as well on search engines.

2) Usability: your website visitors don’t want to wait more than 4 seconds to see your website. If they’re waiting this long, they’re probably hitting the back button before they even see your website.

Web Page Load TimeHow can I test how fast my web page loads?

There are a ton of great tools out there for testing page speed. I like to use because it’s fast, easy, and shows me where there might be bottlenecks in a website.

Bottom line:

Test how fast your page is loading, and if it’s more than 4 seconds, contact your web developer to see how they can improve this (hopefully for free, since it’s something you should come to expect with your web development).