Website tip: How are you going to solve my problem?

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Website Tips, Tools and FixesWhen a visitor checks out your website, they should be able to answer this question:

"How will this company solve my problem?"

If you've used your entire website to talk about how great you are as a company but you've failed to talk about how you're going to solve your customer's problems, then your website isn't going to produce the results you want.

So how can you fix this? 

  1. Identify your customer's problems (you should have done this before starting your business)
  2. Identify how you're going to solve your customer's problems (via your services)
  3. Put this content on your website!

It's really quite simple. And remember to put this information on main pages. People don't want to have to dig through multiple pages to find what they're looking for.

And as always, if you want help or don't want to deal with this, shoot us an email! We can take a look at your website, do a quick free meeting, and come up with a plan to start getting you real results from your web presence.