Website Tip: Update your “What’s New” section

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North Idaho Websites - Outdated Specials

Back in December, we provided a few tips for keeping your website updated. A few months later, the topic is still important. Your website should be current! One dead giveaway that your website is OUTDATED is if you have a “What’s New” section on your website with announcements or news from four months ago.

It’s great to run a special promotion for your business and highlight it on your website, but if it’s time sensitive or clearly SCREAMS an old date at visitors, you should mark your calendar to either:

  1. Add a new announcement at least once per month
  2. At a minimum, remove the outdated announcement that’s making you look kind of lame

Even local web designers and developers are guilty of this (and they should be the ones helping you avoid these problems).


What’s the most outdated “Announcement” you’ve seen on a website (from a business that was STILL in business)?



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