What is a CMS and how can it help your business?

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CMS Examples

Just one more acronym in the world of technology, right? Well, if you're a business owner, you probably want to know what CMS stands for.

CMS stands for Content Management System, which is a tool to build, develop, design, and maintain a website. There are a bunch of different CMS platforms available, all with different features and highlights: free, expensive, simple, robust, open source, etc. They all work a little differently and require different skill sets, but they all essentially do the same thing: manage content.

So what are the key features you should be aware of that can help your business?

  1. Update your website immediately (yourself). If you have a new announcement or new product that's important to your marketing strategy, it can be devastating to have to wait for a slow webmaster or web firm to update your website for you. With a CMS, you should be able to log in to your website from any computer with Internet and make the update & changes yourself.
  2. WYSIWYG Editor: "What You See Is What You Get" means that the editor you use to update your website does not require you to know any HTML. 
  3. Better SEO. With a good CMS, you should be able to easily manage some of the architectural SEO, include: unique page URLs, page title, meta description, headings, alt descriptions on images, etc.
  4. Stay current with technology. Most CMS platforms will have upgrade packs so that you can keep your CMS technology updated. This will help your website stay current with both security issues, as well as make it easy to redesign your website to keep it modern looking over the years.

Bottom line:

With a CMS, YOU have more control over your website, instead of depending on a web designer or company.