What’s Your Web Designer Using?

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Yep, that’s a bowl of dog food. Here at Wilson Media Consulting, we eat our own dog food.

Coeur d'Alene Web Designer - Eating Own Dog Food

Eating Our Own Dog Food

Eating our own dog food means that we actually use the same exact products that we use for our customers. Everything we use has to pass the “would we use this ourselves?” test.

Unfortunately, not all North Idaho Web Designers actually do this. Some of them will sell their clients a “cheaper” product or platform.

Why Does It Matter?

If your web designer isn’t using a system or platform regularly, it’s likely that they’re not providing you the most technology-forward service possible. It also means they’ll be slower with their designs and development because they’re not as familiar with the technology.

What To Ask Your Web Designer

Is your website built on this same system? Do you use this? How long have you been using it? 

If they’re building you a website on a different platform than their own website, don’t be afraid to ask them why.

What’s the name of the system your using?

If they don’t want to disclose the content management system they’re using to develop your website, RUN! There shouldn’t be any secret about what they’re using. If they’re hiding information from you now, it’s an indication of bad things to come.

Does it really matter?

Why does it matter if I know what system they’re using?

If you ever want to change web hosts or web designers, you want to make sure that your new website is going to be compatible with a different web host, and that other web designers will be able to work on your website.

If your web designer uses a rare content management system, you won’t be able to find much support down the road if you don’t want to work with them. In general, it’s good to know your website is built on something fairly popular.

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