Personal Phone Calls and Your Marketing Strategy

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Our clients are often surprised when we talk about their phone call history and processes when discussing a media and marketing strategy.

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In our world of email, smart phones, and social media, a personal phone call is rare. And rare means an opportunity for you to stand out as a small business.

Easy Way to Beat the Competition

If you aren’t already, make personal phone calls to your customers. This is a quick and simple way to connect with your customers and look better than your competition. It may seem easier to send an email, and I personally love to have the documentation of email, but to compromise, follow your emails with a quick phone call check-in:

“Hi, this is Angela. I just sent you an email outlining some of your design options. When you get a chance, feel free to email me back or give me a call. Also, is there anything else on your mind regarding your project right now?”


It’s easy. It’s quick. I don’t do it all the time. I just want my customers to know that I care enough to talk to them. There’s something about a 30-second conversation that can really breathe life and enthusiasm into the professional relationship that can sometimes be so distant and cold.







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